Friday, May 16, 2014

Closeted girlfriend?

My girlfriend grew up in a typical family, with rules and religions and limited freedoms. Shes in the closet, and I don't care if it means we can't hold hands in public, or if we can't tell our closest friends about us. We live in a small town, word spreads like wildfire. I am not prepared to be taken away from her. So even if it means that I have to pretend to like boys, or if I have to pretend not to look at her the way I do. I Love Her, end of story. I know it feels like I could spend the rest of my life with her, and honestly.. I believe that we can make it through all of this. The sound of her voice makes my cheeks and ears turn pink. The feel of her lips makes me forget about everything but her.

Point being, NEVER, ever, make someone come out of the closet. Never make them give up that safety. When they do decide to come out, you need to be there by their side. Supporting every single step of the way.

Love is love, never forget what extent you'll go to.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Vlogging also known as video blogging is when a blogger expresses ones thoughts in a video instead of on a blog. Would anyone who is interested in me doing that instead, please email me. Thank you for the input:D

Lesbians: Finding the right girl

You know you've found her when your world stands still when you look into her eyes. You know shes your everything even though she has flaws. You know that you love her because her kisses make your day. Love is so crazy and it can happen at anytime. You know it when you experience it.

There isn't much advice I can give you about love because it is honestly spontaneous. Don't look for love, let love come to you. Don't rush things. Try to be committed and honest. Make sure she comes before everything, and you have to treat her like a lady. Please inbox me if you have any other questions. If you're over 18, I'd suggest some dating sites. If under 18, maybe just try to get in touch with your schools GSA ( gay straight alliance ) See where it takes you. Remember, let love come to you. It'll just happen if its true. :D peace out my homos <3


I really appreciate all of the emails ya'll send me:D Really feels nice to get feedback from all of you. Please email me if there is anything more you want to see on my blog. Thank you for being amazing followers:D

Friday, February 28, 2014

Pride fest

If you ever have been to a pridefest then you know you are truly at home. I urge you, very strongly to get out there and meet those people. Unite with those other people just like you. Meet those great people out there. Pridefest isn't about being out of the closet, it's about being full of pride no matter how bad your situation is. It doesn't matter if there are scars on your arms, or if you can't even admit your sexual oreantation. Even if you aren't proud of yourself. I am proud of you. It doesn't matter who you are, how you live. I am proud of you for living each day and being different. Get out there and go meet the world. Not everyone is a horrible person. Please be proud of who you are. You are great, you are special, you are beautiful. Happy pride everyone.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gay Straight Aliance

The GSA is club at my local high school, Only a few people join, and only the people who are confident enough to show their true colors. But we have about 10 people in it. And mostly seniors. I just want to thoroughly express my feelings about it. I joined a few weeks ago at a club advisory meeting in the middle of the summer. Today was a real meeting. And already I felt instantly at home. Sure nobody there knows me good. But I feel safe knowing I always have a place to show my true colors. I completely suggest this to everyone with the opportunity. Get connected within your community. Meet new people, and be yourself. You might even meet someone special. Good luck.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


A scapegoat is something you put your stress into. It's basically when you let your issues escape in both good ways and bad. What is important to do here, is to let them out in a good way. Not a negative way. Writing a story maybe a good way to get your passion out. Punching a pillow. Screaming into a pillow. Taking a walk. Going to the gym. Doing some form of physical activity. Yoga can help a lot of people deal with stress due to how relaxing it is. Taking a warm bath. All of these are great scapegoats. Some people like to push all their anger out, and force it out of their bodies. And other people like to relax and be mellow enough to realize that they are okay. It's important to see what is the best POSITIVE scapegoat for you. Experiment around and figure out what is your method.